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Shoreline PPM's exchange program is an effective and simple way to rebuild or upgrade your current machinery while minimizing downtime. We offer fully rebuilt and fully warranted Angelus® can closing machines and their subassemblies on an exchange basis for your convenience.

Seamer Exchange

Have a machine that is still in running condition but will need to be rebuilt in the near future? Our seamer exchange program is the perfect solution. Contact us, and while you continue to run, we will rebuild a seamer per your specifications. Once completed, the rebuilt seamer will be shipped to your plant for installation. Upon the arrival of your new seamer, simply remove the old seamer and ship it to us. This is a simple and cost effective way to get a rebuilt seamer with minimal downtime.

Filler Drives / In-motion timers exchanges

Even under the best of conditions, filler drives and in-motion timers are subject to failure. When this occurs, Shoreline PPM is here to help. We have filler drive and in-motion timer assemblies completely rebuilt and ready for shipment. Simply call and specify which Angelus® model seamer you have, and we'll take care of the rest. Models include Angelus® 60L, Angelus® 120L, and Angelus® 61H/62H. All filler drive/in-motion timer assemblies are fully warranted.

Lifters exchange

In addition to Shoreline PPM's seamer and filler drive exchanges we offer fully rebuilt lower lifters for Angelus® model can closing machines ranging from 61H/62H to 121L. Our lifters are upgraded per OEM data sheets and are completely rebuilt to a like new condition using standard OEM parts.

Spindle Exchange

Shoreline PPM also offers reconditioned spindles for exchange. Our spindles are completely rebuilt using OEM bearings and are upgraded per Angelus® data sheets. We offer spindles for a variety of machines such as Angelus® 60L, 61H/62H, and 120L.